On Valentine’s Day: Thanks JDate

Our Second Date. Sushi, Science Museum, and Swing Dancing at the Wabasha Street Caves (where this photo was taken)

If JDate.com was a non-profit, I would add it to my charitable giving.  Instead, it’s a for-profit company that got a pretty penny from me in off-and-on monthly dues from age 20 – 25 as I tried to kiss a dozen (or so) kosher frogs to find my Jewish prince.

Mission accomplished.

Two years, two months, and 14 days ago, I went on my first date with my now fiancé.  Looking back now, I can’t imagine how I possibly lived without him, or could live if I hadn’t met him.

He’s my best friend. My lover. My soul mate. My inspiration and my motivation.  My rock that grounds me and the clown that helps me laugh and laugh.

And he’s Jewish.  He loves Israel.  He gets the Tikkun Olam thing, and the love of Jewish music thing, and the desire to spend a whole weekend shmoozing legislators about Israel at AIPAC thing.

It’s like the kabbalists say, our souls were intertwined once, before the world was created.  Thanks to JDate.com, we found each other once again.

I know there a million different ways to meet someone Jewish, and I’ve tried many of them.  But I’ve got to give a plug to this website, and no, they’re not paying me anything to say this – it’s from the heart.

If today, Valentine’s Day, is another day where you don’t have a special person in your life and you wish you did, give JDate.com a chance.

Yes, you will kiss a bunch of frogs, but you would have if you had dated by going to bars, or social clubs, or college dances. And you still have to work hard – sift the chaff for the good ones, and take initiative – don’t wait for them to “flirt” with you first.

And I’m not promising this site is going to be the ticket for you, but it might. Take a chance and take the leap of faith and love and hope.  Isn’t that what happy endings are made of after all?

Happy Valentine’s Day.  May this year be full of love.