What the Bleep?! The "Make Me Puke" Edition

A lot of crazy ^%$& happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on people and things that make me want to puke, including: Helen Thomas’ new remarks, Egyptian protesters’ assault on Lara Logan, Jordan’s new “Justice” minister, and more.
The feud between our country’s kick-a– Jewish rappers. Now is that really necessary? Can’t we all just eat bagels and lox and get along?
In a shocking display of ignorance, Helen Thomas told CNN this week that after all the Jews were massacred in the Holocaust, once WWII ended, things were so great in Europe that Jews could have and should have stayed around.  They didn’t need to go to “Palestine” and take other people’s land…. And Jews aren’t being persecuted anywhere else, she said, by the way.  The ADL’s reports on anti-semitism and violence against Jews worldwide would beg to differ, however.  OMG!  Seriously, the number of things I want to say about this woman on this blog that are too unkosher for our pages… Don’t believe she actually said those things? Watch the video.
A cabbie takes to Court in Quebec because the City says he can’t display articles of his Jewish faith in his cab.
OMG. How absolutely terrifying and terrible.  CBS reporter Lara Logan (not a Jew) was brutally attacked and sexually assaulted for a “prolonged” period of time while covering the protests in Cairo (because they’re sooo peaceful, those protesters, yes, of course).  Despite the fact that she’s NOT Jewish, while they were assaulting her they screamed at her “JEW, JEW!”  ^%$&#&$&%^*@&&&$^^%. Our hearts go out to her.  Oh yeah, and we spit on reporters using her assault to attack her politics.  That’s just rude.
How should Jewish groups in and out of Israel address the new political and social realities of the Middle East in light of the protests, the Forward has some ideas.
Seriously? All this news is really making me want to puke.  Jordan’s new Minister of Justice is… get this… the guy who represented a murderer of 7 Israeli school girls in 1997 and who this week he reiterated his thoughts on the matter, calling the murderer a “hero” and saying he should be released from prison.
Israel is sponsoring trips for school kids to the Tomb of the Patriarchs. Sounds cool, right?  Until you realize that the Tomb is in the West Bank. Now things get a bit more complicated…
And just for fun… Satire alert… Ahmadinejad weighs in on the pleas of HIS people for freedom.
(Photo: Michael Foley photography)