What the Bleep!? This Week's Hot Jewish News

UK airline's meal choices? Ham, pork, or... bacon is just a bit too pig-friendly for the Jews.

A lot of crazy ^&$% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: gay porn for Israel, racist pig fashion designers, Glenn Beck’s Bull-&^$%, cool legal rulings, and a bit too pig-friendly airline.
Glenn Beck (already one of the craziest pundits out there) decided to really put his foot in his mouth this week by calling Jewish Reform Rabbis radical extremists, and comparing them to radicalized Islamic fundamentalists.  Um, what? Are you an absolute moron? So of course, the whole Jewish community freaks out, calling out Glenn Beck for his insensitivity and ignorance, and he apologizes.
Gay porn for Israel. Hey, we’ll take the support, however we can get it.
Christian Dior head designer and British fashion mogul John Galliano is a racist pig.
UK Airline offers just pork for its meal choices, and pisses of Jews AND Muslims. Oops.
Some kick-*** legal rulings this week: the defamation lawsuit against AIPAC by a former staffer is finally dismissed, and Fed Judge is Seattle says King County can refuse to put an anti-Israel ad on buses.
Mazals this week: To the Coen Brothers for receiving the Dan David Prize (plus $1 mill) for their contributions to filmmaking; to Rahm Emmanuel for becoming Chicago’s 1st Jewish mayor (but does it have anything to do with him being Jewish? The Forward weighs in); and to the Jewish nominees for Oscars tomorrow night!