What the Bleep?! This Week’s Hot Jewish News

Pope says we didn't do it.

A lot of crazy &^$% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: the Palestinian call for a DAY OF RAGE!, Pope says Jews didn’t kill Jesus, Al Jazeera in our living rooms, and more.

These last two weeks have been host to a serious of despicable comments by anti-Semites in the U.S. and elsewhere. Miss the ^%$& show? Read it all here.

WE DIDN”T KILL JESUS! This is big news – to some people. Finally the Pope clears the Jews of Jesus’ death. It’s a big deal (read TIME mag’s article about WHY this matters), and it’s about ^%$&ing time.  Even Israeli PM Netanyahu thinks so.

Talk about biting the hands that feed you, the Palestinian people have called for a “DAY OF RAGE!” (that felt like it needed caps) against the United States because the United States vetoed a one-sided biased anti-Israel vote by the United Nations Security Council (btw – Hillary Clinton just said this week that the UN Sec Council’s anti-Israel bias undermines its efficacy). The plan for the Day of Rage? Not allow any U.S. officials or assistance into the Palestinian territories. The Palestinian Authority hasn’t voiced its approval for this short-sighted plan.  Especially given that the U.S. gave the Palestinians $223 million last year.  Yeah, that’s definitely the kind of love that deserves stone-walling.

Yes, Al Jazeera brings us news we’re not seeing much of in the U.S. Like the protests in Egypt, for BIG example. But do we want Al Jazeera broadcasted into our homes? Given its anti-Israel, anti-American and anti-Semitic slant, I’m thinking no. Yet this week representatives of Al Jazeera met with the lead executives of Comcast to discuss exactly this issue. Supposedly there has been a major drive to push Muslims in the U.S. to ask Comcast and other cable channels to include Al Jazeera in their lineups.  Why has there been no pushback from American Jews?   And what do you think about this issue? Would it be OK to feature a KKK channel?

The Catholic bible is changing to reflect the actual Hebrew.  Some big stuff, like “virgin” really in Hebrew was a “young woman.” Intriguing.

Fascinating and sad.  Israel is telling some of the Israelis living in the West Bank that they can’t live where they want to (why Jews can’t live wherever they want, I don’t understand; Arabs, Christians, and many other people live all over Israel, and they are welcomed as part of the fabric of those communities). In retaliation, some of those Israelis have firebombed a Palestinian village. Awful in so many ways.

But (and this is quite possibly the best title for Pro-Israel advocacy that I’ve seen in a while) “Jewish baby hurt by Arab stone throwers“.  Sticks and stones don’t break my… oh wait… yeah they do.

Anti-Semitic Christian Dior designer Galliano faces jail-time. France rocks.

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