What the Bleep?! NPR Execs Get Nailed & Murder in Israel

NPR's "Watergate"

Wow.  A lot of crazy ^%$* happened in the Jewish world this week, but I’m just focusing on two crazy stories because sometimes things are so awful/insane/terrible that they need extra attention.
Don’t miss: the NPR anti-Semitic Sting, and information on this weekend’s devastating terrorist attack in Israel.


I’ll be the first to say that I do like NPR.  It’s a new like, for sure (ask my bubbe), but it’s strong, and when I can’t listen to country on the radio in the morning because of commercials, I’ll tune into MPR’s morning news.  That said, it’s long been clear to many who support Israel’s existence and right to defend herself against terrorism, that NPR has got a bit of bias towards the Palestinian cause.
But this week, that bias went beyond belief.  Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe (the one who caught ACORN on camera) sent his men out to lunch with NPR’s Director of Institutional Giving and the President of the NPR Foundation posing as – get this – members of an organization funded by the terrorist funding and supporting organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.  During this lunch, not only do the NPR execs nod and smile as O’Keefe’s men talk about Jewish control of the media, the Zionist conspiracy, Jewish organizations being biased, and Jewish money at NPR, but the NPR execs chime in with their own thoughts on those same subjects, all while trying to score a $5 million donation from an organization that the men tell them is funded by the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood.  By the way, the NPR execs said a lot of other crazy &%$& to the fake Muslim representatives in front of them, that you can read about and watch here.
Obviously the two NPR execs have been fired, resigned or put on “administrative leave” since the incident, along with NPR’s CEO, who resigned late this week.  So here’s the question – will this make you stop listening to NPR?  I, for one, will continue listening, but I will contact the station personally (and you should to) to express (1) my horror at the ridiculous situation that unfolded this week, on camera, and (2) express my pleasure that the responsible Execs are out of there.  Maybe this will influence NPR’s bias? Maybe not.
Watch the full videos here (and be prepared to be shocked):

Part I: (The Jewish Conspiracy talk is around 7 minutes in)


Part II:



In other Jewish news this week, and at a totally different level of horribleness, a Palestinian terrorist massacred a Jewish family living in the West Bank while they were sleeping in their beds on Friday night.  The two parents were murdered in their sleep, along with their children, aged 11, 4, and 4 months.
There have been calls for international condemnation of this quintuple murder by everyone from Benjamin Netanyahu to liberal Israelis who have deplored the fact that the left wing pro-Palestinian community has not screamed and called out for more condemnation of this heinous act.
Thanks Prez. Obama for immediately making a statement and calling this terrorism exactly that.  Said the White House in a statement:

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the murder of five Israelis in a terrorist attack in the northern West Bank, and we offer our condolences to their loved ones and to the Israeli people.”

The IDF is searching for the killer.  Our prayers are with the family, the rest of their small community in the West Bank, and the people of Israel, as they mourn this devastating act of terrorism.
Yeah, a lot of other crazy &^%$ happened in the Jewish world this week, but these two stories must stand on their own.  Any thoughts?  Add ’em in the comments.