What the Bleep?! This Week’s Hot Jewish News

On Her Way to the Holy Land....

A lot of crazy &^$% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: another terrorist public square naming, Palin in Israel, Helen Thomas in playboy, and Jesus in the MN Senate.

In case after this week’s murder of a young Israeli family by Palestinian terrorists you still thought that Palestinians value Jewish lives… did ya here that another public square was named after another Palestinian “hero?”  You know, one of the “martyrs” who massacre dozens of Jews?  Read more here, and learn about how the White House responded in disgust.  But it all begs the question – where is the outrage? Where is the indignation?

Alaska Airlines freaks out when Orthodox Jews start praying with t’fillin on a flight, and is now going in for retraining in Orthodox Jewish practices.  But, an explanation from AA helps to explain what the tradition must have looked like to someone unfamiliar – shows the importance of education, and explaining Judaism to others.

And Sarah Palin is planning a trip to Israel.  We all know what that means. Just announce you’re running for Prez. already.  Think I’ll get to meet her at AIPAC?  Bet you a million dollars (in monopoly money of course, in case I’m wrong) that she’ll be there.

Helen Thomas sullies up Playboy and bares it all….

Jesus in the Minnesota Senate? OK or no? Maybe in person (now THAT would not be politics as usual)… But in invocations?

And in a shocking turn of events (NOT), survey shows that alumni of Birthright Israel are better advocates for Israel and marry Jewish.  No way…

And tonight begins the Jewish holiday of Purim, so you better party it up!  Here are some Purim-inspired cocktail recipes thanks to Jewcy.  Be safe tonight folks!

(Photo: Wikimedia commons)