What the Bleep!? This Week’s Hot Jewish News

A lot of crazy ^$&% happens in the Jewish world each week.  Don’t miss these stories on: Egypt Air’s map without Israel, the Jewish Elizabeth Taylor, “Miral” movie sends shockwaves, and more.

What many Arabs really want… a map without Israel.  Check out “Egypt Air” airline’s map of the Middle East…Despite the fact that an Egypt Air subsidiary flies to Tel Aviv 4 times a day, Egypt Air has taken the country of Israel off its route maps.  Pretty scary.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that actress Elizabeth Taylor died this week, but did you know she was Jewish (converted at age 27)?  Many of the most prominent obituaries for her forgot to mention that important fact – a bit odd.  Learn more about her support for Israel, work with the Simon Wiesenthal Center on the documentary “Genocide” about the Holocaust, which won an Oscar, and the background of her decision to convert (she was raised a Christian Scientist).

Now that's one good lookin' Jew. May her memory be a blessing.

In news of the weird…. A Jewish music festival turns down money from the Israeli govt to fund a festival filled with Israeli music under pressure from anti-Israel activists.  Um… WTB?

A unabashedly Pro-Palestinian film is shaking up Hollywood, the Jewish community, and the art world.  “Miral” is written by a Jew and produced by Harvey Weinstein (very Jewish and pro-Israel) but yet shows a one-sided perspective on Israel that is infuriating some Jews.  Wow. Sounds like a movie to see. But should it have been shown at the U.N.?

(Photo: JoeinSouthernCA)