What the Bleep?! This Week's Hot Jewish News

What the Bleep is EASTOVER?

A lot of crazy &^$% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Facebook’s lawsuit; Eastover; Glenn Beck is out; a Pro-Israel Al Jazeera, and more!
Jewlicious’ title says it all. “The Latest Ridiculous Holiday Shit: Eastover.
Facebook sued by Jewish political activist for not removing the kill the Jews Arab Intifada page fast enough.
The man who compared Reform rabbis to radicalized Islamists is off Fox News.  Bye bye Glenn Beck. Good riddance.
Sounds like its’ B.S. but it’s not – a billionaire Kazakhastani Jew is launching a pro-Israel network to rival Al Jazeera.
Richard Goldstone recants his anti-Israel U.N. report. And now he’s getting sued. Watch for Jenna Mitelman’s article diving into the details of the controversy early this week.
Hmm…. If someone orders a cake with a swastika on it, should a bakery make it? One Austrian bakery says, why not?
And in &^$#ed up news from Israel – a terrorist missile from Gaza hits and Israeli school bus and injures a boy and the bus driver. Ugh.
(Photo: Challah Connection)