New Single from DeScribe and Matisyahu Lacks "Soul"

Well, after listening to DeScribe’s latest single, the catchy yet sadly bland and clichéd “Pure Soul,” featuring fellow reggae and R&B sensation, Matisyahu, it’s pretty safe to say that charity-pop-rock-schlock king, Sir Bob Geldoff can rest easy.
While no one (especially Stephen Morrisey, formerly of The Smiths, as well as actor/comedian Russell Brand) will ever say Geldoff’s major humanitarian pop hits, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and “Feed  were subtle or all that deep, they were fun; they sported a panache that most hit-makers, these days, can’t hold a candle to, as hard as they may try.
DeScribe and Matisyahu certainly try their darndest.
However, their new EP—an anthemic hip-hop song, written and performed to raise money for New Jersey’s The Friendship Circle, a non-profit organization that raises awareness for families with special-needs kids—while somewhat easy on the ears, is kind of blah. It lacks, well, soul.
With forehead-slapping, dopey lyrics like “You light up the room like a fire/ cause you’re from way up high” and “What more can you ask from a yute than just be genuine!?” it makes you yearn for a little help from some friends like (Lord, help me) George Michael and Phil Collins—hell, even Spandau Ballet and Kool & the Gang!!—to join in and help out.
If the sole purpose of “Pure Soul” is to make you feel sorry for and raise awareness The Friendship Circle, it’s certainly successful at doing so. It definitely makes you sympathize with the true heroes of the non-profit organization, in their attempts to achieve such an admirable goal, as well as the families they’re trying to help.
Unfortunately, it’s just for all the wrong reasons.
If DeScribe and Matisyahu truly want to help, perhaps instead of putting out an over-produced dance/hip-hop song with shockingly naïve, overly earnest lyrics, they might be more successful by giving The Friendship Circle their money back; either that, or Matisyahu could give them all the royalties he’s earned for every time his truly wonderful hit, “One Day,” off his brilliant, triumphant 2009 album “Light,” is given airtime.
Now that would, indeed, be “Pure Soul.”