Win Tickets to Jewish Reggae Superstar Matisyahu at the Minnesota Zoo

So I’m listening to Chasidic reggae superstar Matisyahu on my laptop as I desperately try to write this article in a way that could possibly encompass the coolness, authenticity, and soul that is this artist.  There’s really no possible way.  No matter how many interviews I read with him nothing captures that spirit more than listening to the music itself… the beats, the scatting, the musical memories, and chazzanic chanting, the energy and passion of the music, the Jewish soul of the lyrics… these words do it no justice.  How can they?  Matisyahu’s music is inspired by Phish, Bob Marley and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach – it’s a shmorgasboard of energy and passion that doesn’t fit within anyone else’s normal explanation.
This artist, who came onto the scene in 2004 with his first album, is on an international tour promoting his most recent album, Live at Stubs, vol. 2. We’re super lucky that Matisyahu will make a stop on that tour at the Minnesota Zoo as part of the MN Zoo’s Music in the Zoo series.  Mark your calendars for the show, Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 7:30pm.  Also playing that night on the same ticket are the North Mississippi Allstars, a Southern rock/blues/jam band. Unless you win them on TCJewfolk, your tickets are going to cost $40 for reserved seats, or $52.50 for VIP seats (plus applicable fees).
I could write pages about how cool it is that Matisyahu’s song “One Day” became NBC’s unofficial theme song for the Olympics, or that a religious Jew is bringing together people of all faiths to raise their lighters (or whatever else they’re holding) in the spirit of love, hope, and peace.
But… I know what you really want. You want (1) to listen to Matisyahu’s music, and (2) to learn how you can win free tickets.

So, number 1.

Here’s a taste of Matisyahu’s music. From his tour promoting the song “Jerusalem” on his new album:


And my (and NBC’s) favorite, Matisyahu’s music video for “One Day“:


You excited yet?

I thought so.

So…. number 2.

The Free Tickets. Because TCJewfolk always has the hook up.
And we’re not just giving away one pair of tickets, oh no. This time, we’re giving away THREE pairs of tickets.  That’s right.
Enter the contest in the comments below before Thursday, June 16th at midnight and you have sick odds to go to this show. All you have to do is answer this question in the comments below for your chance to win: Help a journalistic sister out: what is one word that you would use to describe Matisyahu’s music. There is no right answer – we are picking the three winners randomly via Random Line Picker.  Yes, you have THREE whole days to get everyone you know to enter this contest to win one of THREE pairs of tickets and take you with them. Good luck.
May the music be with you.