Volunteer With JFCS's Quick Fix Program and Make a Difference for Seniors

Photographs, memorabilia and knickknacks line the walls and countertops of Marsha’s apartment — everything has its place and hints at stories of years gone by. She takes pride in her home and belongings, especially artwork from her 4½-year-old granddaughter who calls each week to wish her “Shabbat Shalom.”
Marsha likes to socialize and play bingo with friends but, she says, she’s not as active as she used to be. “I became totally disabled and became more and more unable to do things myself,” she says, citing her tremor, oxygen support and limited use of her left arm.
“The little things I used to be able to do myself I couldn’t do anymore. I was always the helper, so it took me a long time to be able to ask for help.”
The battery in Marsha’s smoke detector had been dead for several years, her windows needed to be sealed to block cold air and she wanted a shelf installed in a closet — tasks too small to hire a professional but ones Marsha could not complete herself.
Her need for help with minor household projects fit perfectly with JFCS’s Quick Fix Program that pairs handy volunteers with seniors like Marsha.
Marsha now enjoys a better view from her apartment — David, her volunteer, made it so her windows aren’t covered in frost. She’s safer with an operational smoke detector in her home — David replaced the battery. She has more storage — David installed the shelf in her closet. And she can see better in her kitchen after David replaced a light bulb for her.
The “little things,” she says, “are very helpful and necessary.”
The Quick Fix Program is in need of volunteers, and you can help!
If you like fixing things and helping others, you’re a great match for Quick Fix. It takes just a little time commitment to make a big difference in the life of a JFCS client.
Contact Debra Savitt, Volunteer Resources Program Manager, at 952-542-4859 or [email protected] if you’re interested in becoming a Quick Fix volunteer.