Top Ten Reasons to Party at the Jewbilee on Christmas Eve

This is a guest post by Danny Sigelman and Carin Mrotz.  They have been planning Jewbilee together since 2005.
Admit it – when you think of Christmas Eve, you think “Hey, what a great time for the Jewish People!” No? Well, since 2005, Jewbilee has been making the Twin Cities a festive and fun place to be a Jew on December 24th.
In partnership with DJ/painter/writer/all-around mensch Danny Sigelman and Dan Schlissel, fearless leader of comedy record label Stand Up! Records (and also kind of a mensch), Indie Jews and Jewish Community Action are proud to bring you the sixth annual Jewbilee, the place to be on a night when we traditionally don’t have any place to be.
After you light your Hanukkah candles, head down to The Depot Tavern and 7th Street Entry in Downtown Minneapolis. Beginning at 9:00 pm, hang out (free entry) at The Depot – mingle, visit the bar, play some dreidel, and get your nosh on at the free Chinese buffet. When the mood strikes you, head next door to the 7th Street Entry (3 dollar cover) and check out an amazing lineup of live music and comedy. Scheduled to perform: Music from Mike 2600 King, Kids Like Us, Kin featuring Bobby Z of The Revolution, Adam Levy, and Rabbi Jon Davis and his Klezmer Orchestra, and comedy from David Harris, Laura Thorne, Dan Mogol, and Pat Susmilch.
If you still need convincing, we offer you the Top Ten Reasons to go to the Jewbilee:

  1. The Jewbilee has been held all over the Twin Cities, but this year, for the first time ever ,it’s in the 7th Street Entry, arguably the BEST place in Minneapolis to see and hear live music (we are willing to agree to disagree and/or arm wrestle over this point).
  2. This year, Jewbilee is on the fifth night of Hanukkah, and we’ll be raffling off prizes that are better than any Hanukkah gifts we’ve ever received. Surely a gift certificate to a local restaurant or a piece of handmade jewelry tops that six-pack of tube socks your Bubbe sent you. Raffle tickets are a buck apiece, and proceeds will support a couple of great causes (keep reading).
  3. This year’s Jewbilee is a fundraiser. A portion of the proceeds will support Northside Community Reinvestment Coalition’s work to end foreclosures, as well as JCA and Minnesotans United for All Families’ work to defeat the marriage amendment in November 2012.
  4. We took last year off to observe Shabbat on December 24th, so we have basically doubled the party-throwing energy to shove into this thing.
  5. For the first year, party planner Danny Sigelman is achieving his dream of having a live klezmer band play Jewbilee. Really, whose dream is that NOT?
  6. The event will feature the debut of the Rivkin family band, Kin, featuring Bobby Z. of Prince and the Revolution. Trivia about Bobby Z.: Born Robert Rivkin, the stage name Bobby Z., was derived from the nickname his grandmother gave him (“Butzie”).
  7. Mike the 2600 King is possibly the best DJ on the planet (and any other, for that matter).
  8. Did we mention there will be Chinese Food? It’s free, and it moves fast, so get there early if you plan to stuff your face with egg rolls.
  9. Adam Levy is basically the Twin Cities Jewish Community’s answer to Elvis Presley. A fit and very much alive Elvis Presley. Who’s Jewish. And from the Twin Cities.
  10. What else are you doing that night? Waiting up for Santa? He’s not coming! Get your tush to the Jewbilee!

The Jewbilee is sponsored by Indie Jews, Jewish Community Action, Stand Up! Records, and

[Eds. Note: There’s no better place to be Jewish on Christmas Eve in Minneapolis than Jewbilee!  Hope to see you there!]