Latkes to the Next Level: A Trick From Down South

Can I just say that the lowly potato latke is possibly my favorite thing about Chanukah? So simple. Yet perfect in it’s own way. So why would I possibly want to improve upon it? Because after 7 nights of latkes, changing things up is always fun.

I’ve traveled in the southern United States a fair bit and I always sample the local foods. Fried green tomatoes are one of my favs. In most eateries down yonder, the fried green tomato is served ala Nepolian. Meaning it’s stacked with other ingredients thrown into the mix like goat cheese, roasted red peppers, remoulad…you get the idea. And so did I…a latke stacker!

Behold my latke stacker with carmelized onions, sauteed apples and goat cheese! Goodbye apple sauce and sour cream hello deliciousness and Happy Chanukah!

What you’ll need:
I batch of latkes
2 big yellow onions
3 tart green apples
1/2 pound softend chevre(sheeps milk cheese)
Brown Sugar

First, we start with the latke  prep…catch my video for how that’s done.

Now follow these easy steps for your latke stacker and say “Your welcome” to your adoring fans.

(photo: sassy radish)