Top Five Reasons to Attend the JFCS NextGen Kick-off

This is a guest post by Julie Carpenter, a Communications Specialist at Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis. She would love to attend the NextGen Kick-off but is, sadly, of the previous gen. 
Here, courtesy of JFCS, are the 5 top reasons to attend the JFCS NextGen Kick-off event this Thursday at Rojo in SLP!
Number 5: Find out what NextGen is all about. It’s a Board! It’s a Fund! It’s a Club! NextGen is JFCS’s way to reach out and engage, educate and inspire young professionals. We’ll give you a quick run down of the array of dynamic and innovative opportunities that NextGen offers. With all the possibilities available, we guarantee you will find something geared directly to your interests.
Number 4: Get a free margarita. Rojo is known for their heavenly margaritas, and we picked out a great one – The Rojo Signature Margarita made with premium tequila. Or your free drink could be a wine or beer from their expansive bar list.
Number 3: Guacamole. NextGen is also serving free appetizers. And their food is fantástico. You’ll enjoy a variety of appetizers including traditional dishes and happy hour favorites like three cheese quesadilla. And seriously, their guacamole tastes like kicking your feet back at the ocean under a thatched umbrella, watching the waves as cabana staff cater to you.
Number 2: Raffle prizes. Even more than the idea that everybody loves a winner, everybody loves to be a winner! So we’ll raffle off some cool swag and you can only take it home if you’re hanging out with us at the Kick-off!
And the Number 1 reason to come to the NextGen Kick-off? Up your Social Media cool factor. You’ll grow your LinkedIn Connections. You’ll increase your Twitter followers. And you’ll get that awesomely cool Facebook status that reads something like “Sarah and Mark became friends after both attending the JFCS NextGen Kick-off.” For our single attendees who knows what may happen! Let’s just say it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to be looking at chuppahs down the road.
Whatever reason appeals to you, join us at the Kick-off at Rojo this Thursday, January 19, from 5-9 p.m. Don’t miss your chance to learn about how you can be involved with NextGen. We’ll have your margarita waiting.
(Photo: prettywar-stl)