Win Tickets to Comedian Ari Shaffir at the MOA's House of Comedy

Just a bit Jewy Lookin?

Laugh Riot Standup Comedian (and MOT) Ari Shaffir is about to take the Mall of America’s House of Comedy club by storm every day from January 25 – 29 – want to be there?  TC Jewfolk is giving away two free pairs of tickets to lucky TC Jewfolk readers.
If you haven’t yet heard of him, pay attention, and get excited.
Ari Shaffir is describes his comedy as a puppet show, but way filthier and without the puppets. He was a featured standup on the HBO comedy series Down and Dirty with Jim Norton and performed at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and Toronto, the San Francisco SketchFest, and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland. Shaffir’s satirical shorts The Amazing Racist for National Lampoon went viral on the Internet with millions of views.
Additionally, he has appeared on TBS’s Conan, Comedy Centrals Jon Benjamin Has A Van, and dozens of national commercials. Ari’s podcast is called The Skeptic Tank and he is a regular guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Shaffir resides in Los Angeles where he is a regular at The Comedy Store, The Improv and The Laugh Factory. He also headlines around the country and frequently tours with Joe Rogan.
And he is unabashedly and unpolitically correctly Jewish. Check out this video clip, “Lookin Jewy.”


So if you’re not completely offended and still want to see Ari live…

Or you’re offended just enough that you find him hilarious…

Or you’re not offended at all .. because you agree that Jewish girls look like men (his words, not mine: as a good lookin’ and Jewish lookin’ lady I have to disagree), then you know you want a pair of free tickets!

How Can You Win a Pair of Free Tickets?

To enter to win a free pair of tickets to any of Ari Shaffir’s shows at the Mall of America’s House of Comedy from January 25 – 29 (except the Saturday shows), all you have to do is answer this question in the comments to this post before Friday, January 20th at 6pm: Who needs a “Jewish” makeover because they are the least Jewish lookin’ Jewish celebrity YOU’VE ever seen.

If you don’t win, tix are just $13 to $19, depending on the night.  And if you’ve never been to the House of Comedy, you should go, because for that price, you get to hang out in an awesome venue, with 2 openers that are usually pretty hilarious themselves. Enjoy the show!