Donate Now, and Help TC Jewfolk Reach 500 Contributing Members

Thanks for Helping!

We’ve hit the big time, folks, TC Jewfolk’s parent nonprofit Jewfolk Media, Inc. is officially a 501(c)(3). The much sought-after designation took us almost a year to score, and means that any donations people make to support the work of TC Jewfolk in our community are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
It also means that, with your help, TC Jewfolk is kicking off our biggest fundraising drive in our young history.

We Want to Raise $130,000 before Rosh Hashanah.

Yep. That’s a lot.
But that’s about how much it’s going to cost to hire a full-time Executive Director to run Jewfolk Media, Inc. and TC Jewfolk for three years (of course, our new staffer will be doing fundraising too, to ensure that the organization stays around for many more than three more years).
If you didn’t know this already, TC Jewfolk is currently run by volunteers. A volunteer Board of Directors for the nonprofit. Volunteer editor. Volunteer writers. And we love our volunteers, but volunteers in themselves make not for a sustainable organization.
We want to make sure that TC Jewfolk and Jewfolk Media (with its plans for other creative projects that use interactive technology and social media to connect individuals to Jewish ideas, organizations and communities) are here for the long haul. That’s why we need your help to hire a full-time staffer. And then one day, we can even PAY our writers something for their amazing work.

Donate NowSo if You Can, Please Give.  

And the easiest way to give is on the Jewfolk Media page on Razoo, the online hub for nonprofit contributions.
Today we’re kicking off our fundraising campaign but we’re not just looking for dollars. We’re looking for a broad base of support from our community.  So we’re not just trying to raise, $130,000…

We Want to Build a Base of 500 Contributing Members.

Members at all levels of giving. Skip your Starbucks lattes this week and give us $10. Or skip Starbucks for a month and give us $36. Or don’t skip Starbucks ever (how dare I even suggest skipping it…) and give TC Jewfolk $100 anyway. Every dollar goes to ensure that TC Jewfolk and Jewfolk Media are around for generations of Jews in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Why Should You Give? 

Give because you love the content.
Because you know you get coverage about Israel and local Jewish news here that you can’t get anywhere else.
Because you scored a free pair of tickets to a Jewish theater production in town, or because you keep entering our contests, hoping that one day you’re finally going to win that free pair of tickets.
Because you love our Facebook debates about anti-Semitism, or Jewish politics, or whether Matisyahu should have shaved his beard.
Because you are proud to be Jewish, and you want to strengthen our local Jewish community.
Because it’s a Mitzvah and your Bubbe would be proud (nu, isn’t that a good enough reason?).
Because you work at one of the Jewish organizations in town and you know that thanks to TC Jewfolk, you’re reaching a larger group of Jews in their 20s-40s than you did before we were around.
Because every dollar counts.
And because we need you.

Will you be supporter number 100? 200? 300?

Please join us.

And spread the word.

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