Chew on This: Our Fav TC Jewfolk Passover Articles

Matzo balls! YUM!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost Passover. This perfectly fabulously warm weather has really sped up Minnesota winter, which brings us to Spring (I mean Passover) cleaning time. I don’t know about you, but I usually use this holiday as a reason to clean under every pot and pan, and behind every couch and table. This is also the time to start thinking about what you’re doing for Passover (most importantly, where you’re eating for the Day 1 or 2 seders, and what you’re bringing).
TC Jewfolk will have a bunch of articles as it gets closer to the holiday, but as you start your early planning, we wanted to re-gift you with some of our best articles from years past. Stories, recipes and Passover advice that never gets old.
And when you’re done reading these articles (or pinning them on Pinterest for future cooking/baking), check out our calendar for April and see what local synagogues are hosting Passover seders that they’d LOVE to have you at. Still can’t find a seder that sounds perfect? Post on our Facebook page ( with what kind of Seder you’re looking for, and the number of people in your party (spouse, sig other, kids, etc) and we’ll help find you an awesome seder. We promise.
And now for your early Passover reading pleasure… a selection of our favorites.

Stories that Move

The Child Who DOes Not Know – by Sharon Rosenberg-Scholl.  As we unpack the Passover boxes, I know there will be items I will find myself holding in wistful silence. And I will shed more than a few tears preparing for another Passover without him. 
Not My Uncle’s Seder – by Jenna Zark. Watching Josh that evening, I finally understood the saying about all of us escaping from Egypt every time the story is told. Because very likely we are all trying to escape.
A Passover Reflection on Freedomby Suzanne Bring. In every generation, each person must tell the Passover story as though she or he were personally liberated from Egypt. From slavery. Why are we required to retell this story, and to retell it as if we ourselves have experienced it?
On Passover…A Prayer for Our Elected Leaders – by Leora Itman. Rabbi Michael Adam Latz of Shir Tikvah inspires with his pre-Passover invocation before the MN State House of Representatives.
An Orange on the Seder Plate? by Emily Mishkin. Oranges have been showing up on seder plates for about the past 20 years. How did it get there and what does it mean?
A Hole in the Floor: Prepping for Passover by Jenna Zark. “My mother,” she says, in a thick Russian accent, “used to bake her matzohs in secret, in the middle of the night, and stored them in a hole in our kitchen floor.”
Oy Betcha: A Passover Miracle – by Matthew Gallagher. Last month I wrote about how I was baffled by Purim, an pretty much every other Jewish holiday. Well, the truth was a little worse than I had let on…

Interfaith Conversations

Chewing The Fat — Easter vs Passover by Jason Kapel. When a Jewish holiday and Christian holiday occur at about the same time, that’s my queue to wrangle myself up a non-Jew to help me compare the holidays.
10 Tips for Stress-free Interfaith Passover or Easter Celebrations – by Barbara Rudnick. A guest post from “AskBarbara” at JFCS Minneapolis with tips for interfaith families wanting successful Passover and/or Easter celebrations together.
An Interfaith Seder – by Rabbi Amy Eilberg. What could be “interfaith” about a Seder? Aren’t Seders about gefilte fish and chicken soup, childhood memories of warm Jewish family gatherings, and a few Yiddish jokes thrown in?

Kid-Friendly Seder Planning

Minnesota Mamaleh: Five Kid Friendly Passover Ideasby Galit Breen. Grab your kids’ attention with one of these five creative Passover ideas.
Afikomen Mambo: A Passover Book Your Kid Will Loveby Nadia Ryaboy.

Yummy Recipes and Other Food Stuff

Who Needs Flour Anyway? by Jeff Mandell. Check out his recipe for Kosher for Passover Flourless Chocolate Cake!
Noshin’ Passover Prep: Almond Macaroons by Sara Rice. Every Passover I make these dense, chewy, delicious little goodies. My favorite part? I serve them before the meal — because free people get to eat dessert first.
Our Ancestors Were Slaves in Egypt and We Have to Eat What?! – by Rabbi David Locketz. Even those of us who don’t usually “do Jewish” do so on Passover. So what does that really mean? Rabbi Locketz of Bet Shalom weighs in.
Surviving Passover: A College Student’s Guide by Emily Cutts. Recipes for Matzo Farfel, Mock Mac & Cheese, and Cauliflower Pizza.
Noshin’: A Different Approach to Passover Eating, with Recipes – by Sara Rice. Noshin’ has a different approach to eating this Passover. Change the routine. Ditch the matzah-laden fake-out recipes and experiment.

Practical Advice

10.5 Ideas for a More Meaningful Seder – by Rabbi Da-vid Rosenthal.  10.5 (easy) ideas for a more meaningful Passover seder.

Any great articles you’ve found online on other sites about Passover? Share them in the comments!

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