Introducing: TC Jewfolk's New Weekly Foodie Column "Shiksa Eats"


Let’s clear the air before we get too far into this relationship.
What I’m not: Jewish. (Don’t let my dark, curly hair fool you.)
Yes, you read correctly. A non-Jew is writing a food blog- for a Jewish magazine. Please, take a minute to enjoy the irony.
What I am: A foodie. College student. Travel Channel addict. Avid Twins fan. Sarcastic. Neurotic about my kitchen. Always hungry.
I’ll try anything once. (This has definitely turned out poorly for me before.)
****This blog will be my adventures into the world of Jewish culture and cuisine. That means I’ll be doing interviews, taste tests, recipes, and reviews. So when I blow something up in my kitchen, or get lost on Metro Transit, you will have the firsthand look at it. And my singed eyebrows.
Watch for my disasters in the kitchen every Wednesday, only on