Shiksa Eats: Seder Invite? Score!

24 boys. 1 kitchen. No, this not the beginning of a Youtube horror flick.

I think they're playing, "How many Jewish boys can you fit into a kitchen?"

What are all of these guys doing in strangely close quarters? Oh, just making a meal for like 40 people. (See? Men can be in the kitchen too.)
Yes, I realize how ludicrous this is. A bunch of GUYS are preparing a really important meal. And they’re letting a total shiksa help.

My super important job. Weird that they trusted me with a knife.

While I was chopping cucumbers for the Israeli salad (the most important component of the meal) the men were playing with the chicken.

Before you get your knickers in a twist, the chicken isn't actually breaded. It's just matzah crumbs.

And all of this hoopla led up to-

Horseradish is very filling.

A single plate with a few tiny food items. You Jews really know how to live it up.
But in total sincerity, the Seder was the best part of my weekend. I learned a lot about Passover, had a lot of fun, and got to be in the company of a lot of great people. Thanks, guys!
Life Lesson: When someone tells you to avoid the Gefilte fish, they mean it. Also, Jews do not spell Seder like “Satyr.” Do not ask if they do.
Until next time,
Shiksa Out.