Get Your TC Jewfolk Swag

It’s about time you decorate your car with TC Jewfolk swag.
TC Jewfolk’s official “Ya, sure … Jew Betcha” bumperstickers are finally available! And if you buy one now, you’ll be one of the first Minnesotans (or former Minnesotans now living elsewhere but missing Minnesota deep in your heart) to plaster one of these babies on your car’s bumper.

Yes, that's my lovely blue Mazda. Sporting the first TC Jewfolk bumpersticker in the Twin Cities. Woot!

So how can you get one of our fabulous new “Ya, sure … Jew Betcha” bumperstickers?
Two easy ways:

  1. Join us at this weekend’s Israeli Independence Day celebration at the Sabes JCC Minneapolis, where we’ll be selling these bumperstickers for just $2, along with “Ya, sure … Jew Betcha” t-shirts, women’s fitted t-shirts, and women’s tank tops (the t-shirts & tank tops are $10 each); or
  2. Make a donation to TC Jewfolk online of $10 or more and you automatically will get a bumpersticker mailed to you. It’s that easy. Don’t want to put it on your car? Give it to a friend, or put it on your office door, backpack, the seat of your pants, etc. I’m sure you can get creative.

(P.S. You can always get the TC Jewfolk t-shirts & fitted women tees at Rye Deli in Minneapolis, while you’re eating their yummy matzo ball soup & raising a He’Brew).

But how do I make a donation to TC Jewfolk? I’m glad you asked. Click here to donate safely and securely online:
Donate Now
And don’t forget, any donation is going to a great cause – to help TC Jewfolk raise enough money to hire staff to run TC Jewfolk, and expand the TC Jewfolk model into other cities! And we’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit!

Thanks for your support! And for sporting your love of TC Jewfolk on your body & your cars! Share your photos of your new bumpersticker and you wearing our t-shirts on our Facebook page, or email them to [email protected]!