TC Jewfolk Launches Housing/Bulletin Board for Twin Cities Jewish Community

This could be your apartment.

Looking for a roommate that is cool with your mezuzah or might want to host crazy awesome Shabbat dinner potlucks with you in your fabulous apartment in Uptown?
Want to sublet your apartment this summer to a friend of a friend of a friend?
Moving into a house in St. Louis Park with your boyfriend (shhh… don’t tell bubbe) and want to sell your extra microwave oven and sets of pots and pans? Or donate your leftover packing material?
Got an extra pair of tickets to a concert this weekend you want to sell – or share?
Check out the TC Jewfolk’s new Housing/Bulletin Board, a kind of Twin Cities’ “kosher craigslist”.
Find the Housing/Bulletin Board on the top right of next to our tab for Upcoming Jewish events.
Enjoy! And post away!