Free Apps/Drinks From Rye Deli To Help You Learn Yiddish

Bagel is a Yiddish word

We all use Yiddish in our day-to-day lives. Shmuck (what a jerk). Shvitz (sweat, in this freakishly hot weather). Klutz (when you trip and fall on stairs in public). But Rye Deli in Minneapolis doesn’t think you know ENOUGH Yiddish. At least enough to make your Bubbe (sweet old lady who birthed yo momma) happy.
So, in a stroke of genius, Rye Deli has decided to help us further our Yiddish education. By feeding us (we are Jewish, after all).
Rye Deli is actually going to pay you (read: free appetizer/cocktail) to learn Yiddish! No kidding!
All you need to is:

  1. Follow Rye Deli on Twitter (@RyeDeli) or Facebook
  2. Watch for the Yiddish word of the week every Thursday
  3. Come into Rye Deli that day and both pronounce your new word correctly and use it appropriately in a sentence to claim the free cocktail or appetizer of the day.

Pretty awesome.
So get off your tuchus (the body part you sit on all day at work) and log on this Thursday.
(Photo: Haleysuzanne)