It's Our 3rd Birthday … Match Our First Big Gift? [Updated]

UPDATE, 8/7/2012 9:38pm:

We have already raised $2,385! Thank you to the donors who have helped us already hit this awesome number in less than 48 hours!
And our matching goal has increased! Kathrine and Louis Hill have increased their matching gift from $5,000 to $6,000! We are so appreciative!


It’s our third birthday!

Yom Huledet Sameach, Yom Huledet Sameach! (Are you singing? We are.)

Happy Third Birthday to Us!

TC Jewfolk is a toddler, a full on three-year-old! WOW.

And we just got the BEST. BIRTHDAY. GIFT. EVER.
Better than Tickle Me Elmo. Better than a pizza party or a ride on a firetruck. That good.

Kathrine E. and Louis F. Hill just gave us a $5,000 matching gift.

That means that for every dollar YOU DONATE between now and August 20, 2012, Kathrine and Louis Hill will give us another dollar, up to $5,000.

So your gift is going to have DOUBLE the impact on our community. On TC Jewfolk. On the future of Jewish Minnesota. (yeah, we think big like that)

So I know you have three big questions…. (1) What’s my donation going towards, (2) Is my donation tax deductible, and (3) How do I make my donation?
We thought you’d never ask.

What Will We Spend Your Donation On?

As I’m sure you know, TC Jewfolk – the Twin Cities’ Jewish multi-author daily online magazine and virtual communal space – uses new technology, social media, and community-based journalism to re-engage young Jews in Jewish life, reduce unaffiliation, educate about Jewish topics, encourage young Jewish philanthropy, support local Jewish organizations, and preserve Jewish culture and support for Israel.
TC Jewfolk has been volunteer-run since its inception in 2009, but with almost twenty regular amazing volunteer writers, new daily content, and deepening partnerships with local Jewish community organizations, its time to hire a part-time professional Editor/Community Manager.
We’ve already received other generous contributions this year from the George Kaplan Memorial Foundation, from Minneapolis Jewish Federation, from advertisers, and from individual donors, so as soon as we raise the $5,000 to match Kathrine and Louis Hill’s birthday gift, we can hire our Editor! 
We are developing the job description as you’re reading this, and look forward to hiring this person – with your help – before the High Holidays.

Is Your Donation Tax Deductible?

YES. YES. YES.  TC Jewfolk is run by the 501(c)(3) Minnesota nonprofit organization Jewfolk Media, Inc.  That means that every penny you donate to TC Jewfolk is money you can write off on your taxes. Pretty neat.

How Can You Make a Donation?

There are two easy ways to donate. You can send us a check payable to “TC Jewfolk” to Jewfolk Media, PO Box 2294, Minneapolis, MN 55402.
Or you can donate online by clicking here:
Donate Now

Every dollar brings us closer to our goal!  

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!

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