Support TC Jewfolk on Give to the Max Day 2012

Have you heard about Give to the Max Day?
My guess is… yes.
Somewhere about now you’re starting to get emails from every possible nonprofit organization you’ve ever supported, followed on Facebook, attended an event with, etc.  Each email says “Support XYZ on Give to the Max Day 2012,” which this year is November 15th.
You’re starting to count out how much money you have saved up for this month that can be donated to your favorite charities.
You’re starting to calculate how fun it’s going to be to deduct all those donations on your taxes come April.
Yeah, you guessed it. TC Jewfolk wants your support (read: money) on Give to the Max Day too. 
We can’t help it. We love providing news, commentary, and creative expression to young Jews in the Twin Cities on a daily basis (minus Shabbat).  We love exposing you to super cool local Jewish organizations that are doing amazing things like sending volunteers to flood zones to help sandbag and clean up houses (i.e. Nechama), or sending money to help impoverished Jewish communities all over Europe and the Middle East (i.e. Federation).  And we love providing a forum for local Jewish writers to blog about anything and everything that’s Jewish that they’re passionate about, from Jewish cooking to Israeli politics.
So this year, on November 15th, think of TC Jewfolk and make a donation of $10 or more to show your support. Help us reach our goal of raising $3,000 in one day!
Your donations on November 15th will enable TC Jewfolk to attend more events to expand our readership among young Twin Cities Jews, promote our articles through social media, strengthen connections with Twin Cities Jewish organizations, mentor and support our amazing volunteer writers, and ensure that TC Jewfolk is financially sustainable for years to come.
For 24 hours on November 15th you can go to, our Facebook Page, or to our Razoo fundraising page to donate directly.  All donations are tax deductible since TC Jewfolk’s parent organization, Jewfolk Media, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
We’re still looking for an angel company or individual to be our match on Give To The Max Day.  That means that we’d promote the heck out of you/your company in exchange for your generosity in matching our fundraising on November 15th up to whatever amount you’d like to donate.  If you’re interested in being our match donor, please email me at [email protected].
Thanks for thinking of us.
And thanks, in advance, for your donations!