You're Invited: A Conversation with J Street's Rachel Lerner

This is the moment for which J Street was born. Four years ago J Street emerged as a new voice for pro-Israel Americans. In that time J Street has engaged the community in candid conversation about the two-state solution, raised millions of dollars to elect pro-Israel, pro-peace members of Congress, and built a robust national grassroots program including more than 40 college campuses.

On November 6, 70 of J Street’s 71 endorsed candidates were elected and an election-night poll emphatically confirmed that J Street’s advocacy for a two-state solution represents the vast majority of American Jews. The dramatic developments of recent weeks amplify the importance of our work and J Street Minnesota encourages members of the community to join with us in committing to advocacy for a two-state resolution as the primary focus of our pro-Israel efforts.
With time working against Israel’s existential interest, it is imperative that friends of Israel recognize that it is the lack of a two-state solution and not a non-violent political action at the United Nations that threatens Israel’s future and American interests. And J Street plays a vital role in steering the American response at this moment of crisis.
Earlier this week, J Street stopped the Senate from kicking the Palestinian Diplomatic Mission out of Washington, DC in retaliation for last week’s United Nations vote. In one day, J Street activists sent 14,500 emails and made nearly 1,000 calls telling Senators the US should not take such a counterproductive step.
This was the first salvo in J Street’s new “Our Time to Lead” campaign. Through this campaign, we’ll be pressing the President for bold diplomatic action to achieve a two-state solution, and we’ll be fighting efforts to set back that cause – like closing the Palestinian Mission.
In the months ahead, we’ll be fighting to prevent cuts in aid to the Palestinian Authority and urging strong American pressure to stop construction in the E1 area just east of Jerusalem. And we’ll be pushing the President to make a real effort to achieve a two-state solution before it’s too late.
Come join J Street Minnesota and learn more about J Street’s critical work toward a lasting peace and a two-state solution. Meet J Street Vice President Rachel Lerner, a national leader in the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement at 7:30 PM on December 12 at Mt. Zion Temple. After the tumultuous events of recent weeks, Rachel will outline what you can do now that it’s “Our Time to Lead.”

Mt. Zion Temple, 1300 Summit Avenue in Saint Paul