You're Invited: Jewbilee 2012 On Christmas Eve

Jewbilee 2012I never used to have anything big to look forward to on Christmas Eve. A movie and Chinese food, yes, but there’s nothing stopping me from enjoying those things any day of the year (and oh, I do). Christmas Eve has always been other people’s holiday, never a night I looked forward to.
That changed in 2005. DJ/musician/writer/artist and friend-of-a-friend Danny Sigelman asked me if I wanted to co-host a party on Christmas Eve. He and rapper Yoni had been hosting house parties and were ready to take it to a bar, book some bands and DJs, and make it legit. We’d call it Jewbilee.
It makes perfect sense to me that Jewish Community Action should host an event like Jewbilee. JCA does serious work; we’re building a powerful Jewish voice for social change. But we’re about more than that. And Jewbilee is an awesome party, but it’s about more than that, too – it’s about creating something great for our community on a night when we’ve traditionally felt left out. It’s about bringing all of us together in celebration of the hope and optimism we feel as we begin another year.
Over the years we’ve hosted amazing music and DJs. In the second year, Stand Up! Records came on as a co-host and added comedy to the bill. Jewbilee has become the high point of my holiday season. But last year, I stood there at the 6th Jewbilee (held at local music landmark First Avenue and 7th Street Entry) as record producer, former drummer from Prince and the Revolution, and Jewbilee performer (!) Bobby Z thanked us for having him play and told me “Mazel tov on the birth of your new daughter,” and honestly? Best. Christmas. Ever.
And where do you even go from there? Back for another Jewbilee! This year, Bobby Z is back with his band Sons of Moses, featuring special guest Rabbi Sim Glaser (this rabbi rocks). Mike 2600 is back to DJ, and Minnesota Free Music Klezmer Orchestra joins the bill. Comedians Laura Thorne, Pat Susmilch, and Dan Mogol will do short sets in between bands, and the always funny David Harris will emcee. I’ll be there to answer questions about JCA (please yell all questions, as I will be standing very close to the stage), and volunteers from TCJewfolk will be on hand to give out schwag and sell the now-iconic “Ya Sure, Jew Betcha” t-shirts.
Also appearing at this year’s Jewbilee? Hopefully, you. See you there!
The details:
Hosted by Jewish Community Action, Stand Up! Records, and Secret Stash Records
Monday, December 24th, 8pm
7th Street Entry/Depot Tavern
Hang out and schmooze in the Depot (free entry) or come next door to the Entry to check out the music and comedy ($3 cover). A portion of the proceeds will benefit Jewish Community Action.