TC Jewfolk Wants To Hook You Up for Passover Seder

You could be sitting here.

You could be sitting here.

A few weeks ago, I read the article “Seven Single Jewish Males Looking To Host Seven Single Females For Shabbat Dinner: D.C. Craigslist Ad Garners International Response” on Huffington Post and got super excited. About Passover. In Minnesota.
I kn0w, you’re thinking, that’s a weird train of thought. Leora, you crazy! But wait… I’ll explain.
This year TC Jewfolk is going to hook you up for Seder
For those not yet in the know, a “Seder” is a big Passover meal usually held on the first and second nights of the holiday (this year March 25th and 26th). It technically means “order” because there is an order to how things go at the dinner – when you eat, what you say, how you pray, who asks questions, etc. Everyone does Seder differently. For some, it’s a big meal with a few prayers sparkled through the evening. For others, it’s a 5-hour long feast filled with singing. For others, a social justice meal and teach-in about modern day slavery. The options are endless.
Which is why we want to match you to the Seder YOU want to experience this year.
Why not, right? If DC Jews can do it, Minneapolitans can do it, bigger & better, right? Why just match 7 & 7 for one Shabbat dinner when you can help match dozens to for Passover Seders?
Maybe you’re a transplant to the Twin Cities with no family in town and nowhere to go on the first or second night.
Maybe you’re Twin Cities born & bred, with family in town, but you’re free on the second night and would love to try something different. Join Chabad for a more religious Seder than you’re used to. Or a group of young Minneapolitans for an alcohol-heavy Passover meal (you’re obligated to drink 4 glasses of wine, but who said you can’t drink more….).
Or maybe you’re not Jewish, but you love TC Jewfolk and would love to see what this Seder thing is all about?

We’ll be the connectors, but you have to tell us what you want.

If you are hosting a Passover seder, and are willing to take an extra person (or two, or five, or ten extra people), post in the comments to this article on our Facebook page and tell us what kind of seder you will be having (style, level of religiousness, food allergies, goofiness, length, etc), and how many young people/individuals/families you’d be open to having join you at your Seder.
If you want to be a guest at someone’s Passover seder, post in the comments to this article on our Facebook page and tell us what kind of seder you’d want to join, and how many people you are (1 person, a couple, a couple + a baby, etc).
If you see a guest/host that sounds good to you, message them on Facebook and introduce yourself! TC Jewfolk will be providing the space for you to connect, but you’ll have to do the messaging yourself (it’ll be less complicated that way).
Remember, although traditionally Seders are held on the 1st & 2nd nights, there are 8 nights of Passover (if you’re outside of Israel), so go ahead, host on a different night! And if you’ve never hosted a Passover Seder before, we’re happy to help provide resources for whatever kind of Seder you’d want to create. Just email [email protected] and I’d be happy to help.

Let the Seder matching begin!

(Photo: atl10trader)