TC Jewfolk Goes To Washington: Live From AIPAC 2013

Capitol-RPThe American Israel Public Affair Committee (AIPAC) will be hosting their annual policy conference in Washington D.C. from this Sunday, March 3rd to Tuesday, March 5th. Community members, politicians, journalists and more, from all over the country will be in attendance—and TC Jewfolk will be giving you a front row seat!
Yes, we’re heading to AIPAC 2013!
Called the “most important organization affecting America’s relationship with Israel,” AIPAC is a lobbying organization that works with students, community members, and legislators to ensure American support for Israel.
I will be there to cover the whole thing, from speeches by Vice President Joe Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to interviews with Minnesota legislators, to even how the food tastes in the cafeteria.
You won’t want to miss TC Jewfolk’s coverage of this HUGE event. Starting Saturday night, here’s how you can stay tuned to the pulse of Washington, DC:

  • Like TC Jewfolk on Facebook, and follow @TCJewfolk on Twitter. We’ll be posting articles on the blog, as well as quick snippets of speeches, interviews, and political commentary — all of which will be funneled through our social media pages.
  • Make TC Jewfolk your home page, and check the blog every few hours. Posts will go up throughout the day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with reactions and discussions of every event we can possibly cover at the conference.
  • Subscribe to TC Jewfolk’s Youtube Channel. We’ll try to post videos of all our interviews: with Minnesota’s United States Senators and Representatives, University of Minnesota students, members of AIPAC’s Minnesota delegation, and more. We’ll also be capturing the flavor of the conference, with footage of the 7,000 plus pro-Israel delegates inside the conference center and the inevitable protesters outside.

And, as always, we strongly encourage you to join the conversation in the comments to each post.
We’ll see you in DC!


(Photo: rpongsaj)
(Cover photo: eGuide Travel)