We're down to the final eight teams in our Passover Madness bracket. God vs. Miriam. Frogs vs. Blood. Matzah ball soup vs. Brisket. Macaroons vs. Chocolate-covered matzah. Vote now on Facebook!

Passover Madness, Final 8

Passover Madness Bracket Round 3

This is getting real now. What’s a Passover story without Moses? Well we’re about to find out as God booted him out this tournament like a baby with the bath water (or river water, if you will). And it wasn’t even close. But the madness must continue; let’s see if Miriam can be a femme fatal and knock God down from his (or her) lofty post. (In honor of those that got him (or her) here, we decided to pause for Shabbat. We apologize for any distress this caused your weekend.)

Meanwhile, Frogs continue to send their foes croaking and we predict their run is just getting started. On the other side, late 4th quarter surges knocked out both Matzah Brei and Flourless Chocolate Torte. Those two should be thanking God (literally) for resting on Shabbos as that extra day got them the necessary votes to continue on. Who will advance to the final four? Only your votes will tell. Vote now on Facebook!



(3) Miriam vs. (4) God. Both Moses and Aaron bowed out early so it’s up to Miriam to defend the family’s honor. She has a tall task, though, as God has been smiting opponents left and right.


(2) Blood vs. (8) Frogs. Will the Frogs’ cinderella run continue? We thought they’d have some trouble with Death of the Firstborn, but not only did they not have trouble, they dominated the number both the 1-seed and the 5-seed en route to their showdown with the Fightin’ Blood. We’ll say that this will be the Frogs’ toughest challenge yet, but we’ve been wrong before.


(1) Matzah Ball Soup vs. (3) Brisket. A clash of titans. A battle of superstars. A showdown of epic proportions. Some are saying that no matter what else happens in this tournament, this is the real championship match-up. With the way Frogs and Blood have been rolling we won’t go that far, but there’s no denying the star power here. Do you take Brisket, the main course of every good Jewish meal? Or do you go with Matzah Ball Soup, which needs no introduction?

(1) Macaroons vs. (7) Chocolate-covered Matzah. We were so close to getting rid of macaroons. Coconut? No bread products? We’ll pass. Our money was on the flourless chocolate torte, but their defense abandoned them, and Macaroons came storming back at the end. They’re up against chocolate-covered matzah. Simple, but deceptive; they’re a 7-seed that’s already knocked off #2 and #3. Macaroons, though, are no rollover #1. This will be their toughest test yet.


(1) Moses vs. (4) God
(3) Miriam vs. (7) Burning Bush
(2) Blood vs. (6) Boils
(5) Pestilence vs. (8) Frogs
(1) Matzah ball soup vs. (5) Charoset
(2) Matzah Brei vs. (3) Brisket
(1) Macaroons vs. (4) Flourless chocolate tort
(3) Seder mints vs. (7) Chocolate-covered matzah