Passover Madness, Final Four

Passover Madness Bracket final 4

We’re down to our final four. One “team” remains from each region, representing their aspect of the Passover experience with pride and, yes, chutzpah. We have two underdogs, one favorite, and one God. In the Plagues region Frogs got off to a blistering start against Death of the Firstborn and never looked back, posting their best performance of the tournament with a near-shutout of the Blood plague. Frogs may have seemed harmless, but they were deadly in this region.

They’ll have a tough time against the winner of the “People” region, as God surprised—earning a trip to the final four with convincing wins against Rameses, Miriam, and even Moses himself! Who will win the People/Plagues match-up and earn a spot in the finals? Will God’s almighty streak continue, or will the Frogs’ cinderella story continue?

On the edible side of the bracket Matzah ball soup, to nobody’s surprise, continued its utter dominance of the Foods region and earned a rightful place in the finals. The only favorite still remaining, they embarrassed Popovers and Charoset, and faced a bit of a challenge with Brisket; but Brisket just had no answer for Matzah ball soup’s taste bud attack.

This means we’ll finally get the matzah vs. matzah match-up we almost had in the previous round, as Chocolate covered matzah edged out Macaroons as the ultimate Passover dessert. In the closest match-up of the round, it took a full-game effort from CCM to hold off Macaroons. Chocolate covered matzah is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done, and they earned their place against Matzah ball soup. Which matzah dish is more palatable: the one with chocolate, or the one in soup? By the end of the night tonight, we’ll finally have our answer.

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People: (3) Miriam vs. (4) God

Plagues: (2) Blood vs. (8) Frogs

Foods: (1) Matzah Ball Soup vs. (3) Brisket

Desserts: (1) Macaroons vs. (7) Chocolate Covered Matzah