Jewish CSA Brings Fresh Produce Directly To Your Table

Three years ago, Adath Jeshurun partnered with Easy Bean Farm to provide community members with a convenient and affordable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program—one that also had Jewish roots.
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it links farmers with consumers by allowing members to purchase a “share” in the farm, and in return, members receive produce from the farm, throughout the summer season. In the case of Easy Bean Farm, it allows our community to support a Jewish farmer dedicated to the values of Tikkun Olam. Not only have past Easy Bean CSA members enjoyed both the quality and quantity of the produce, they have also learned about the risks and rewards of farming, and gained a greater understanding and appreciation for what it takes to grow and transport food to our table.
Easy Bean Farm was started by a “nice Jewish boy” from New Jersey who never thought he’d be a farmer, but decided to get back to the land after participating in another CSA seventeen years ago. Since then he and his family have been growing produce on a farm in west-central Minnesota.
“At the center of my faith is leaving things better than they were when you found them,” farmer Mike Jacobs says. “For me, the idea of connecting people directly with where their food comes from allows us to eat our ethics. Often we are so disconnected from our food. If we knew more about the way food is processed we would make different choices that would have a positive environmental impact.”
Adath’s partnership with Easy Bean farm is through their Etz Chayim environmental initiative. You can learn more about Easy Bean farm at their website. Information about Adath and Etz Chayim is available at Adath’s website. You can also sign up for a share in the CSA by click this link. Shares are available until June 1st.
Below are some photos from the farm: