What We're Schmoozing About

21174_543935795645557_1350260098_nNeed something to talk about at that happy hour on Thursday? Want to impress your friends with how hip to Jewish culture you are? Here’s a bunch of Jewish news we found interesting this past week:
20% of all Jewish households in New York are poor, according to statistics.
– Remember that tea kettle from JC Penney that kind of looked like Hitler? Yeah, it sold out.
– There’s a new documentary out about super Jewy comedian Mel Brooks. Here’s a list of the ten Jewiest clips from his movies. We gotta say, this is a pretty good list.
American Apparel is selling black “Hassid” nail polish. So yeah, go get some.
Female IDF soliders love posting scantily-clad photos of themselves, getting reprimanded, then posting more. Yiyeh beseder.
Interesting article on the new Orthodox Judaism in Lakewood, NJ.
It IS possible to be gay and be an Orthodox Jew. Remember that. And if you’re someone struggling, always remember that it gets better.
– I don’t listen to much rap. I don’t like Jews who create cutesy, self-parodying songs about being Jewish. But I LOVE Lil Dicky, a new Jewish rap sensation from Philadelphia. He raps about his Jewish flow, feeling inferior to his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, and my favorite, a tounge-in-cheek song about how great it is to be a white dude. (NSFW)