July 26 – Partying in Jerusalem

Our team decided to have some fun in Jerusalem since we were going to Tel Aviv the day after. A few of us took the free Maccabi shuttle to the newly opened, Old Jerusalem Train Station. It had been closed for more than 50 years and they renovated it and made it into a hotspot with restaurants, shops, bakeries and live music.
Check out before and after.
It was great to just walk around. I’m so used to the Maccabee family tradition of commenting on my favorite piece of art or jewelry, that I didn’t realize my teammates might be taken aback. Luckily, I was able to get the girls to share their opinions and we began to have fun pointing out the coolest and ugliest things we could find.
We met up with some of the rest of our team (Nir’s clan) and decided to head to a dance club in downtown Jerusalem. Once we were all inside this awesome looking club, we tore up that damn dance floor. The music started off being 90’s rap like Jay-Z, Nas and 50 Cent. The music we all love! It was great to be able to sing along to these songs that we all knew. Honestly, we were by far the most attractive people and best dancers in the club. I think Tel Aviv will have a better nightlife scene. I still had a blast though. Except for the fact that everyone was smoking…gross.
After we left the club we decided to walk the streets of Jerusalem and our Israeli friends decided to take us to a well known desert place, Babette. It served the most delicious belgium waffles covered in toppings, sauces etc. It was great and messy : )
It was a wonderful night.