Win Tickets To Big Time Rush at the Target Center


Parents, have you heard of Big Time Rush?

More importantly, has your son or daughter? Following in the footsteps of The Monkees, New Kids On The Block and *NSYNC before them, Big Time Rush is the newest iteration of Boy Band—this time coming equipped with their own Nickelodeon TV show.
Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon follows the “Hollywood misadventures” of four Minnesota hockey players after they’re selected to form a boy band. We don’t want to get t00 meta for a giveaway to a children’s pop concert, but this will blow your mind: the fictional boy band on the TV show Big Time Rush has turned into an actual boy band called Big Time Rush IRL!  In a continued stroke of genius Logan, Kendall, James, and Carlos—the four characters on the TV show are played by young men also named Logan, Kendall, James, and Carlos.

But why am I telling you all this?

Surely your kid knows all these details and more if they’re asking you for tickets. Well, before we get to your chance to win here’s something your child may not know: James Maslow, the “James” of Big Time Rush, is Jewish. That’s right! Take that *NSYNC!

And yes, we have free tickets to give away.

Big Time Rush debuted to the highest ratings ever for a live-action Nickelodeon series, so if your son or daughter watches Nick, they’ve probably seen this show. Why not treat them, and yourself, to some fun family entertainment before school starts again and see some Big Time Rush at Target Center. All you have to do to win is name your favorite boy band (or girl band) in the comments below.
Summer Break Tour: Big Time Rush & Victoria Justice
August 10 at 8:00 p.m.
Target Center
Purchase tickets: here.