Let's Bake Challah! A new iPhone App

Let’s Bake Challah!

Dialogue with my 6 year old:

  • Me: So did you like the challah app?
  • Him: Yeah, it’s awesome.
  • Me: What’s your favorite part?
  • Him: Braiding the challah.
  • Me: Is there anything you would suggest they change about it?
  • Him: Well, your screen is really dirty, and that makes it harder to braid.
  • Me: Thanks. I’ll clean my phone. But the app, Henry, is there anything that would make you like it even more?
  • Him: They could, like, make real challah come shooting out after you play.

Braiding a virtual four-strand challah.

I like anything that brings Jewishness out of the realm of holidays and special occasions and makes it incidental, part of our regular routines. Let’s Bake Challah!, the new app from G-dcast, does exactly that. The app, designed for 3-6 year olds, takes kids through the steps of making challah, from mixing ingredients to braiding (there are four different challah shapes to choose from), to adding toppings and finally to eating. Along the way, it teaches them the blessings for separating the challah, washing hands, and eating.
Lets Bake Challah! is educational and adorable and my 6-year-old loved it. And it’s free! And if only they could make challah come shooting out of my phone.
Note: Let’s Bake Challah! is currently only available for the iPhone.