"It's Like Santa, for Your Vagina" …

Best. Ad line. Ever.
Catches your attention, right?
HelloFloWelcome to the hot new viral video [see below] for HelloFlo, the brainchild company of a Jewish mom who wanted to make it a little bit easier for women – of all ages – to deal with their period.
Yes, deal. Because it’s a pain, whether or not there’s actual physical pain. It’s just gross and annoying and one more thing we ladies have to deal with. And yes, it means we get to have babies which is AMAZING so it’s totally worth it, blah, blah, blah.
HelloFlo is a tampon delivery service. Seriously. Tampons, panty liners and chocolate in a pretty little unobtrusive package. Nice touch, with the chocolate.
My only complaint? You have to like the pearl tampons, which I’m not a fan of. But that’s a little TMI (or isn’t it all TMI where we’re talking about vaginas? Ha!). Also, I totally see how a shy or young person would want to buy this but by the time you get to be my age (oy – did I just write that?) you just order a box of the kind of tampons you like from Amazon Prime on your iPhone while you’re rocking your baby to sleep. Yeah, that’s how I shop. 🙂
But when it comes to tweens, pre-teens and teens, there’s no question, Hello Flo Founder Naama Bloom gets it. And her ad campaign brings us all back to the moment we first got our period and how we dealt with it in the most awkward of places – summer camp. Jewish summer camp.
She introduces us to the Camp Gyno – the girl who knows how to use a tampon and teaches her friends.
I guess I was the Camp Gyno (I didn’t think you’d be surprised)… I remember coaching my bunk of 7th graders at Ramah in how to put a tampon in because the swimming instructor wasn’t letting girls skip swimming by claiming they had their period. The rumor was the (female) instructor was going to “check.” We were horrified. I stood outside of the bathroom with three girls in three stalls teaching that Torah. Hello Camp Gyno! Woot!
Watch the ad, then comment below:

Were you the Camp Gyno? Or do you remember who was? Tell us about it in the comments.