Situation in Syria

I do not envy the President of the United States at this moment. No matter what he chooses this week in regards to the situation in Syria, there will be lasting consequences in our world. Does the United States have to carry the burden of being responsible for ridding the world of chemical weapons, or can we look the other way as thousands of innocent civilians die? If we do intervene with even a “limited strike” in Syria it’s unclear the degree of retaliation that will ensue; and if we do nothing, what kind of message does that send to other countries with chemical weapon capabilities? Hopefully the American government figures it out.
Also being in Israel (like I am currently) you look at news stories a little differently. It’s interesting to read an article like the one I have linked below and realize, wow I’m kind of in the middle of all this. I’m scared to be in that kind of position, but also very honored to have the opportunity to experience first hand what so many people have dealt with for so long.