Amir School Petah Tikva

Today I finally had an opportunity to observe the school I’ll be teaching English at for the next 10 months in Israel. It was truly an eye opening experience, and I couldn’t believe how incredible the school environment was. The day began with Jen (my co-teaching fellow) and I being greeted with a lovely sign at the front gate welcoming us to Amir, and wishing us good luck. Next we were given a tour by our amazing English coordinator Natali Kozlovich, all the while being approached/ prodded by excited Israeli students left and right wanting to get to know us better. I was extremely humbled by the kid’s response, and would never have imagined that my presence could evoke such emotion from complete strangers. Every child and staff member gave Jen and I the biggest of smiles as we walked down the halls, and made the both of us feel like we were already a part of their family. I’m still extremely nervous to be teaching in a foreign country, but after today I know that with the talented teaching staff at Amir and the benevolent nature of all the people that I really have nothing to fear. I look forward to the day when I can walk out of those school doors months from now and know that I made a difference.