The past few weeks have been very trying for me as an individual. Not only have I been trying to start a new life in Israel on my 10 month program teaching English in Petah Tikva, but there’s also been the roller coaster series of events involving Syria and the attack in Damascus. I don’t know whether it was the correct decision to not order a limited military strike against them, or if the U.S/ Russian diplomatic agreement will yield positive results. What I do know is that there is far too much suffering in our world, and very much so in the Middle East. Everyday I see a news report on JPost or Arutz Sheva that makes me shudder, and it wasn’t until I came to Israel that all of these horrific images really hit home. I guess being caught right in the middle of everything changes your perspective.
I wish I had an answer for all of the terrible things that happen on a daily basis over here, and especially one right now for the people of Syria. I have no idea how any individual could authorize the usage of chemical weapons on innocent civilians. It literally makes no sense to me. However, what is more disturbing is that no one has been brought to justice as of yet for the attack. It’s been a month since August 21st and STILL no one is being held responsible for taking the lives of over 1,000 people. This in addition to all the people who’ve already perished in the conflict. What kind of message is that sending to everyone? That it’s okay to use chemical weapons? It’s no big deal to slaughter people like animals?
Hopefully justice will prevail soon because those people didn’t deserve to die for nothing.