Michael Kaplan Loves Cleaning Carpets

michael kaplanMeet Michael Kaplan. He’s a cool Jew in town that runs a carpet cleaning business. I bet you thought you’d never see that sentence ever. But it’s true! He runs the Twin Cities branch of Zerorez, a green carpet cleaning company that truly puts the customer first. But rather than me explain what makes the company (and him) so cool, we’ll let Michael explain. Make it to the end for a chance to win a free carpet cleaning!

TC Jewfolk: What is ZeroRez?
Michael Kaplan: Zerorez is a service company in the Twin Cities that cleans carpet, tile upholstery, air ducts and fine rugs. We are locally owned and operated and are passionate about service. As we have grown it has been a ton of fun working to redefine customer service in an industry that that is known for anything but service.
TCJ: How does it work? How is Zerorez different than other cleaning services?
MK: Our service approach is different and better than most, but the biggest difference is our cleaning process. Traditional carpet cleaners rely on soaps/shampoos/detergents to clean, then they try and rinse out what they can. What’s left is a lot of soap residue that keeps doing what soap is good at doing—attracting dirt. So carpets re-soil quickly after you clean them.  Zerorez replaced soaps and detergents with electrolyzed oxidative water; it cleans effectively like traditional cleaners but it doesn’t leave any dirt-attracting residue. So, carpets stay cleaner longer and we are able to provide a greener, healthier home for our customers.
[Editor’s note: Michael undersold this here. As I understand it, they literally use just water—no soap—to clean your shit. There’s some science-y process that splits water molecules in such a way that this specialized, charged water has the cleaning potency of traditional carpet cleaners. It’s hard for me to describe because it honestly sounds like magic. And it’s all-natural!]
TCJ: What’s your connection to the Jewish community? 
MK: I grew up in Highland Park and spent summers at Herzl. Today, I attend Adath with my wife and daughter.  Almost as important are my close ties to Cecil’s Deli and my relationship with their extensive reuben menu.
GIVEAWAY TIME! We somehow brainwashed Michael into letting us give away a free 3-room carpet cleaning with his magical carpet-cleaning water. That’s a $173 value that you could get for free! Just tell us either the worst or the best smelling thing you’ve ever encountered. (For maximum fun, don’t tell us which!) Post in the comments below or on Facebook, and we’ll draw a winner at random after Shabbat.
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