Love TCJewfolk? Donate Chai (or More) to Our Annual Campaign

Donate to our Annual Campaign

Contribute to TC Jewfolk’s Annual Campaign. Consider it our tip for awesome service all year round.

How many articles have you read on TC Jewfolk in the last four years? 5? 10? 100?
How many events have you attended that you first learned about from TC Jewfolk?
How many stories have you enjoyed about Jewish life, culture, food, or religion that have shaped you in some way? That have exposed you to a new element of what it means to be Jewish, a new way of experiencing the Judaism of our parents and embracing it as our own, as something bigger and better than all that came before?
Or maybe you just love all the free stuff we give away 😉
Whether TC Jewfolk is the first website you check out when you wake up in the morning or the source of an occasional read when we’re approaching a Jewish holiday that you know you should know more about but don’t, now is the time to join us.
To make TC Jewfolk more than a website.
To make TC Jewfolk part of YOUR Judaism. Part of your Jewish life.

By contributing to our annual campaign. 
Click here to donate online now.
This is no ordinary annual campaign.We’re raising $30,000 by December 31, 2013. More than we’ve ever tried to raise before. We’re not worried though because YOU GET IT. You’ll donate. You’ll get us to the finish line. Maybe even by December 15th. Maybe by December 1st. 
We’re raising the money online on a super cool crowd-funding website called JEWCER, which is like Kickstarter for Jewish causes. And we’re giving away “rewards” like brand new “Ya, Sure … Jew Betcha” magnets and t-shirts and beers with TC Jewfolk’s Editor Bradley and Founder (me) as thank yous for your donations.
Click here to check out our Jewcer page and claim your beer with Bradley.
The $30,000 we’re raising will increase the hours Bradley can devote to bringing you the best content, the most interesting writers, postings for local Jewish jobs, and information on the hottest events and the most interesting volunteer opportunities in our local Jewish community. The money will cover our operating expenses for 2014 and ensure that TC Jewfolk can continue to be the hub for hip Jewish stuff in Minneapolis and St. Paul. To be THE website for Twin Cities Jews.
It would mean the world to us if each of you made a contribution to TC Jewfolk. Please give $18 or $180. $5 or $500. Every donation counts.
Our major givers are matching dollar for dollar every donation you make up to $5800. That means that your $36 donation is not just Double Chai, it’s Quadruple Chai. Thanks to our major givers, the impact of your donation is magnified. That’s pretty awesome.
Click here to give online and watch your contribution magically double.
Once you’ve donated, please tell your friends and family to give. Even if they’ve never heard of TC Jewfolk. Even if they aren’t Jewish. Even if they don’t know what a blog is. Tell them why TC Jewfolk is important to you. Create an “Ambassador page” on Jewcer for TC Jewfolk, and start a competition with your friends to see who can raise the most money for TC Jewfolk. We dare you. 🙂
Know someone (like your Bubbe) who would be interested in donating to TC Jewfolk but doesn’t want to give online? Ask him/her to send a check payable to “TC Jewfolk” to: TC Jewfolk, PO Box 2294, Minneapolis, MN 55402. Thanks!
We are eternally grateful to each and every one of you for your support.
We are especially thankful for our major donors who are providing the $5800 in matching gifts: Kathrine E. and Louis F. Hill, The Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation, Steve and Wendy Baldinger, Drs. Ernest and Malka Goodman, and Paul and Paula Maccabee.
Let’s do this! See you online!
Photo: Dave Dugdale