Free Tickets to The Book Thief at Edina Theater

thebookthiefposterTen Reasons you should see The Book Thief at Edina Landmark Theater on Wednesday, November 13:
1. It’s a Holocaust story, but not one about Jews. Most of the main characters are Righteous Gentiles. That’s cool and different, and a story worth hearing.
2. Geoffrey Rush is in it, and he’s awesome. He’s played a pirate, a king’s voice coach, an eccentric comedian, a Jewish spy, and more.
3. It’s FREE. See below for details
4. What else are you doing on a Wednesday night?
5. The book, The Book Thief, is 550 pages long. The movie is only two hours.
6. It’s narrated by Death. So macabre!
7. This. (From the Jewish Journal’s interview with the author)

“I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank on the plane [to Los Angeles] and the flight attendant passed by and said ‘What are you reading? Oh! I haven’t read that in ages…’ And a few hours later came past again, everyone else was asleep and I’m still reading, and he said to me, in this sort of jovially, jokey, flight attendant way, he said, ‘I don’t want to spoil it for you but she dies in the end — you know that don’t ya?’ And that’s why we still need books about the Holocaust.”

8. Watch the trailer!
9. Landmark theaters (where this is playing) are committed to supporting excellent, independent films. If you’re tired of seeing Transformers sequels, go support theaters like this!
10. Did we mention the tickets are free?
We’d love it if you comment on our Facebook post so we can spread the word that you’re going, but we’re not even going to make that necessary for this. There are FIFTY pairs of tickets available, but once they’re gone they’re gone. CLICK HERE to reserve your tickets.