Donate $18 and Win Fine French Dining At Meritage

Do you have a special occasion in your future? Birthday? Anniversary? Engagement? Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who just likes to eat out at the best restaurants in town just for the heck of it, and your only “special occasion” is that you’re alive, right now, and hungry?
If you’re looking for an amazing meal, you’d be remiss not to enter this week’s TC Jewfolk giveaway.

We’re giving away a sparkling wine and Hors d’oeuvres reception at Meritage, the Twin Cities’ best French restaurant, and all you have to do is donate $18 to TCJewfolk.

1) What you win
MeritageThe sparkling & Hors d’oeuvres reception (value: $100) is a perfect start to a meal at Meritage. It is for 4 guests and you have to make reservations in advance & let them know you’ll be using the gift certificate. The reception includes a bottle of sparkling wine, choice of amusements and a cone of our pomme frite.
What’s an “amusement” you ask? Take a peak at Meritage’s mouth-watering menu and you’ll see that they include oyster fritters, rabbi rillettes, duck liver schmear, oyster bloody mary shooters, billi bi saffron-mussel soup, and tiny tuna tartare tacos. Sounds insane – how to pick?
What are “pomme frite“? So glad you asked – pomme frites at Meritage are house cut french fries, served with bearnaise sauce. Um, yeah.
2) Why we’re partnering with Meritage
Because their food is insanely awesome, they’ve won a bagillion Top Restaurant honors, and their chef is one of the best in the Twin Cities? Oh, yeah, and their Chef is Jewish. How cool is that? Chef Russell Klein is not just one of the Twin Cities’ best, he’s an MOT. And he makes his family’s charoset every Passover. Need we say more?
3) How to win
Donate $18 to TC Jewfolk at or, if you prefer, send us a check by mail (so long as we get it by Friday)*. Super easy, and you love us and wanted to support our work anyway, right? You get ONE entry for making a $18 donation you make between now and 5pm on December 13th, so stack the deck and make a big donation (or ask your parents and grandparents and friends to donate and give you the Meritage reception as a belated Hanukkah/early Christmas gift, if they win). Every dollar donated brings us closer to our $30,000 fundraising goal before our 12/31 deadline (more on our campaign here). Thanks, in advance, for your support!
*Want to donate by check? Make it payable to “TC Jewfolk” and send to: TC Jewfolk, PO Box 2294, Mpls, MN 55402.
4) Why you want to win
In case you haven’t been to Meritage before, here’s something to get you intrigued in the opportunity… the restaurant’s recent awards. They speak for themselves, so make your $18 donation and take a chance to win this amazing taste of Meritage!
Meritage awards
Convinced? Then enter our giveaway! Good luck!