Goodbye Superman Sam, from a Pissed Off God

“Superman” Sam Sommer was a eight-year-old boy who suffered from refractory acute myeloid leukemia. On Saturday, December 14, 2013, he succumbed to the disease. Rabbi Latz is one of dozens of rabbis across the country participating in 36 Rabbis Shave for the Brave, a fundraiser inspired by Sam to support childhood cancer research. Visit his fundraising page here.
superman-samGoodbye Superman Sam
God cried, “Damn it!”
Heaven is full of people who have lived full lives, whose weary bones and tired hearts were ready to be tucked in and feel the sweetness of My breath on their eyelids.
Children don’t belong here. It’s a place for old people.
No crap to make yourselves feel better:
“Now he’s with Me” or
“He’s in a better place.”
He should be stealing his sister’s dolls and
chasing his little brother and
annoying his big brother and
hugging his parents and
doing his homework and
playing with bugs and other things that creep and crawl.
Because that’s what children should do.
Cancer is horrible.
And I think its crap.
I endowed you with intelligence.
With wisdom.
With compassion.
With love.
My children are dying.
How do you bury a child in the snow?
Use what I’ve given you.
You say you love Me?
Then love My children.
Find a cure.
Let them grow old.
One pissed off God