Act Like A Kid Again With JFCS NextGen

big-thrill-jfcsHave you seen the movie Knocked Up? There is a scene in which Paul Rudd watches jealously as his daughter and other little children find happiness in the simplicity of blowing bubbles. Rudd says, “I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles.” This scene has resonated with me since first seeing it.

Adults do not possess the same carefree outlook that little kids do. It’s nearly impossible for anyone over the age of thirteen to really indulge in the simplicity of life.

My job growing up was to mess around, have a good time, and laugh often. My parents made sure that I got to do just that. In fact, my parents did just about everything for me: they fed, sheltered, clothed, bathed, loved, drove and healed me. I think the hope was that I’d become a well-adjusted individual. Have I? Who knows?  Regardless, I did enjoy my childhood, a lot. Each day was a new adventure. Whether I was kicking it on Sesame Street, rolling through Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood or playing on the old wooden pirate ship at Brookview Park, being a kid was simple. Gradually, life became more routinized and regulated.

Thankfully, that childlike imagination never ceases to exist entirely. I felt it surge back on Christmas when my friend Jake gifted me a few hot wheels cars. I made a fiery red Camaro cruise all around my living room. I did jumps with it from a bookcase to a table, landing perfectly every time. My couches became opposite ends of the Grand Canyon, and my car had to clear the middle.

Pathetic or liberating? Honestly, it was fun. Returning to the mindset we held as children can be soothing—anything is possible as long as you can imagine it. Think about before you had to do anything for yourself. Before you had a job. Before you had to pay bills. Before you had to shovel the driveway or pick up in the yard after the dog.

It doesn’t matter so much how you let your inner child out, just do it often enough to remind yourself how carefree and limitless life can be when taking things a bit less seriously. Seriously, it’s fun.

Join JFCS NextGen on January 11 for its Winter Party—and your chance to act like a kid again! The evening will be full of unlimited bowling, laser tag, bumper cars and arcade games. Food included, drinks for purchase. Free for NextGen members, $10 for non-members.

Free bus service will be provided from the West End in St. Louis Park to and from the Big Thrill Factory. Meet at the West End at 6:15 pm, we will depart for the Big Thrill Factory at 6:30pm. An RSVP must be sent to [email protected] if you would like to be counted for the bus. Bus will  pick-up and drop-off at the corner of Gamble Drive and Duke Drive.