Easy Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Dinner

Corned beef and cole slaw from Cecil’s. Grilled cheese with tomato soup and 1% milk at Herzl Camp. Pizza and soda at Temple Israel’s Bar Mitzvah training.

Oh, how things have changed for me.

Now, I run Life is NOYOKE, a food-focused, health and wellness blog. I started it in 2011 after living an unhealthy lifestyle as a traveling consultant for five years post UW-Madison undergrad (sorry Goldy).

The principals of Life is NOYOKE are similar to Paleo. I create food that is mostly gluten-free, dairy-free, and processed foods-free. But there are also differences from Paleo that have a distinct Jewish connection.

  • Kosher: Food should be kosher when possible. No mixing milk and meat. And if eating meat, it’s kosher (the highest quality).
  • Sabbath observance: Strict diets like Paleo fail participants because they don’t get a break. That’s why on Shabbas, anything goes for NOYOKERS.

While I do eat differently then I did when I was a kid living in Golden Valley, I stay true to my TC Jew roots. Just search Zaroff’s Deli on my site and see how many times I reference learnings from working there as a kid.

So what’s the business model with Life is NOYOKE?

I generate revenue through content marketing. Some of the links from my site go to places that pay me referral fees. My Vitamix Promotion Code page is a great example.

You live in Chicago now. What are your plans for returning to the TC?

I’m happy here. A lot of my family have planted roots in Chicagoland, too. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I made a return to the TC to raise a family. I’d love to give my kids similar experiences as I had.

What’s a good recipe I can make for dinner?

Here’s an easy Trader Joe’s dinner recipe with a Mediterranean twist. I made it the other night. It’s grilled chicken, chickpea salad, tabouli salad and hummus.

It’s less of a recipe, per se, because there’s not much cooking or prep. It’s more of a dinner idea. And it’s unique for you guys at TC Jewfolk. Enjoy!

Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Dinner Plate




    • Grilled chicken breast (I use Empire Kosher)
    • Hummus (pick a tub, or make your own)
    • Tabouli salad
    • Chick pea salad
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Lemon pepper
    • 21 seasoning salute (my go-to mix from TJ’s)


  1. Grill chicken on medium-low heat for 10-12 minutes on each side.
  2. Add salt, pepper, lemon pepper and 21 seasoning salute (on each side).
  3. Scoop some hummus, tabouli salad, and chick pea salad.
  4. Eat.
  5. Be happy.


All three sides (hummus, chick pea salad, and tabouli) are located right next to each other at Trader Joe’s.

Lenny Gale left his CPA job and road-warrior lifestyle in 2012. His favorite foods are grapefruit, egg whites and scotch. Connect with Lenny and Life is NOYOKE by subscribing to his monthly health & wellness tips newsletter.