Deck Out Your Cirque du Purim Costume With These Tips

It’s that time of year again – the night when hundreds of young Jews from across the Twin Cities come together for an evening of epic revelry. Join the fun at Cirque du Purim III: Electrified this Saturday, March 15, from 9 pm to 2 am at Five Event Center! Pre-registering online for $10 is recommended (last year’s party sold out!), but available tickets will be sold at the door for $20. Admission includes a free signature cocktail from our sponsor, Aviv 613 Vodka.

With less than a week left, some of you have no doubt found that perfect Purim costume. For the procrastinators, we’ve rounded up twelve bits of inspiration and advice from Cirque du Purims of years past.



1. When in doubt: a tiara, a top hat or a wand is a perfectly acceptable costume.




2. Don’t be afraid to get scary, like these fancy wolves.





3. Speaking of scary: clowns. You’re welcome for the nightmares.






4. Mixing genres is perfectly acceptable. The dynamic duo of Spiderman and the Cat in the Hat is coming soon to a theater near you.





5. It’s not Purim unless someone’s in drag!






6. Bonus points for biblical drag. Who knew Queen Vashti smoked cigars and partied with Audrey Hepburn?





7. Dress like your favorite historical figure…










8. …or your favorite cartoon characters…

care bears









9. …or your favorite movie couple.





10. Be prepared to settle for plan B. Has anyone ever seen a Queen Esther costume at Party City?






Didn’t think so. Leprechauns it is!

french fries




11. Why not dress as the snack you’ll inevitably stop for at 2 am on your way home from Cirque du Purim?




12. And we can’t forget the undisputed most important part of Purim…

The hamentashen!



hamantashen monster


See you Saturday! Check us out on Facebook for more info.






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