Visit Israel with Temple Israel

israel-tiWhen we travel to Israel, we step off the plane and we feel safe, warm, comfortable — Home. We are excited to hear the language of our people all around us. We recognize the alphabet, usually reserved for only our most sacred places, now an unremarkable part of the daily routine.  This Israel is leading innovation in technology and in assisting people with special needs.  This Israel has wineries in the Golan, artisanal chocolate factories in the hills of Jerusalem and French infused Israeli food in Tel Aviv.  This Israel has miles of awesome Mediterranean beachfront and world class night life.  Come and explore Israel with us, come back home to the Israel of today!

For many of us Israel is important because of its history.  This is where Abraham and Sarah lived.  It is where the remains of The Temple lie.  It is where we can climb Masada and walk the walls of the Old City and learn the history of our people.  For others Israel is important because it is a place where we are all free to be Jewish, where we are protected from anti-Semitism.  For still others Israel is important because it is continually leading the world in innovation, because the army tries so hard to act morally and ethically, because hard working Israelites have made the desert bloom, something no one thought possible. The best part about traveling to Israel is that everyone connects to this rich place in their own unique way, each time they visit.

israel-ti-2So, Temple Israel and the Minneapolis Jewish Federation are excited to partner and want YOU to come and explore Israel with us!  Learn about the ancient history in Jerusalem, understand the founding of the modern State and see the world class city that has emerged in Tel Aviv. Come float on the Dead Sea, reflect in the desert, understand the commitment of the Minneapolis Jewish community to Israel, and find the way you connect to our homeland. We hope that you will join us as we pray at the Kotel, taste the fine wines of the Galilee, learn how Israel has helped Jewish refugees over the years and discuss the difficult choices Israel has had to make in the name of safety and security.  For more information please contact Rabbi Gertman at [email protected] or on Facebook at Rabbi Jen Gertman.

Rabbi Jennifer Gertman is the assistant Rabbi at Temple Israel, MN.  She is passionate about Jewish education and engagement.  She is extremely excited to be traveling to Israel again with those who have never been or are anxious to return!