List Of Passover Friendly Twin Cities Restaurants

matzah-eggsPassover starts tonight, beginning a week of wondering if you’ll be able to find anything on any menu in town that’s kosher for the holiday. Well we’ve got you covered! Here are the places that will make it easy as we remember how we were slaves in Egypt, now we’re free, and next year in Jerusalem! Because it’s really all about the food for us, right?

Crossroads Deli in Minnetonka – They have a great Passover menu to eliminate the guess work with all the faves and a few extras; brisket, matza ball soup (my favorite in town!), matza brie, and you can get any sandwich made on one of their delicious popovers! They will even bring you matza to the table instead of bread!

Good Day Cafe in Golden Valley – They don’t have a special menu, but many of their every day items will work, and they keep a stock of matza in the kitchen if you ask nicely!

Mort’s Deli in Golden Valley – Any sandwich is available deconstructed or on a popover and of course, “Jessie’s favorite Matza ball soup!”

Common Roots in Uptown Minneapolis – If you are looking for a “foodie” Passover experience, this is the place to go! Check out their menu for some exciting twists on old favorites.

Yum! in St. Louis Park – Of course they are baking up lots of yummy Passover treats including macaroons, popovers, matza granola, matza toffee and chocolate almond treats! Can’t they come up with Kosher for Passover Patty Cake!?!

Brother’s Deli Downtown Minneapolis – They always have Matza Ball soup and their great salads and they will make any sandwich, including their delicious corned beef, on a popover!

Cecil’s Deli in Saint Paul – A lot of the old faves from the regular menu served kosher style.  Definitely worth a trip from the West side of the river for their great Passover style desserts!

Have we missed one? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!
(Photo: FoodMayhem)