Interview with Kevin Miller, Star of Bad Johnson and KFC

kevin-millerKevin Miller just starred in the movie Bad Johnson, which you can currently find streaming on iTunes, and you may also recognize him from that new KFC Double Down commercial. He’s also a Camp Chi alum, friends with many MOTs in the area. Our own Jeremy Fine happens to be friends with the guy, so we snagged an interview with this up-and-coming actor.

TC Jewfolk: Tell TCJewFolk about yourself?

Kevin Miller: Born and raised in Chicago and I’m lucky enough to still call it home. Moved back here to pursue acting after graduating from the University of Illinois. I’m single but in a fairly devoted relationship with naps. In a way you could say I’m married to naps.

TCJ: Where did you get your start acting?

KM: In fifth grade I was cast as Benjamin Franklin in the renowned musical “Frankly Franklin”. You may remember the song “Busy, Busy Boston”. Acting ran in my family and once I discovered how happy it made me to perform I couldn’t stop.

TCJ: What was your first “break?”

KM: Besides “Frankly Franklin”? The first time I got to do a television show was with “Boss”. Was an incredible learning experience. Some other TV followed but truly this movie. This movie, “Bad Johnson”, is by far my biggest break to date.
4) What was it like being on the set of Bad Johnson? Any inside stories?

It was the dream scenario. We filmed in Chicago and at times I could literally walk to set. I’m not sure I stopped laughing during the whole month of shooting. Everyone was relaxed and fun and welcoming. My favorite story, and this is an exclusive, was a scene Nick Thune, Cam Gigandet ( who are both amazing people) and I did around a wishing well. You can see it in the trailer. There was a slight mishap with costumes and we all agreed the appropriate thing to do would be to just be in our underpants. It was 40 degrees out but the camera doesn’t wait. Midwestern blood helped.

TCJ: Any romance between you and Mulan from Once Upon a Time (aka Jamie Chung)? TMZ is all over this story.

KM: Ugh, TMZ again?!? I was just at a wedding this weekend and this photographer kept taking pictures of me. Had the nerve to ask me to stand up from dinner and pose with the table. Unreal. But no. Zero truth to that but she was very sweet when I got to meet her. You think that means she’s into me?

TCJ: Last year Todd Kessler played a concert for Temple of Aaron’s TAXY group. Now that you both are doing big things any chance we will see you in a Todd Kessler music video?

KM: Todd Kessler is not only my best friend but one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. We’ve been very close since we were Staff in Training at Camp Chi 16 years ago. I’d be honored to work with him one day. This might be the right platform to pitch my music video idea to him. I’d be a unicorn struggling to find a job. Interview after interview. That’s all I got so far, Todd?

bad-johnsonTCJ: Whats next for you and your acting career?

KM: That’s always the scary part. This movie coming out is the most exciting thing that’s happened in my career. However, I’m fixated on what’s next. I’ll keep auditioning, weighing options and hopefully soon something as great as “Bad Johnson” comes along. It’s really great. Promise. Get past what you might think it is, sit back, watch and be surprised.

TCJ: From White Sox fan to White Sox fan, what are your feelings towards the Twins community out here?

KM: I’m just incredibly glad the Metrodome is gone. I’m not exaggerating but think the Sox maybe won 3 games there ever. I’ve always respected the Twins but I’d be perfectly fine if Mauer announced he was retiring tomorrow. Oh and sorry you have to pitch to Jose Abreu 50 times a year.